jakesletterIn October we received a letter from 7-year-old Jake Billett, who lives in Bacup. Jake told us that he was “sooooo interested at science” and that “when I’m 17 I want to come to you for my lessons to become… a medical scientist.”

Rather than wait until Jake is 17, we decided to invite him into the Faculty for a special visit. We showed him round our buildings, had a long discussion with him about dinosaurs, showed him flies, frogs, and maggots, and helped him use a microscope. He visited our laboratories and got an idea about the huge range of things he could study if he came here. We then took him over to the Manchester Museum for a guided tour.


Jake had a lovely time, and we really enjoyed showing him around. We will be organising a visit to Jake’s school in the spring, when we will be taking some giant millipedes and beetles to show his classmates.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Jake and everyone who visits our website or who has come to any of our activities with the public.

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