The Faculty has established a unique partnership with the Natural History Museum (NHM) to create a series of short, online extinctionscourses for the public. The courses will combine the world-leading knowledge and teaching expertise of the two institutions, with courses looking at extinctions, forensics, and the biology and classification of biodiversity. These will be the first online courses ever developed between a university and the NHM.

The first course will start in April 2015, focusing on extinction events ranging from the dinosaurs to modern and possible future extinctions. Professor Norman MacLeod, Dean of Postgraduate Education and Training at the Museum, says:

“The researchers and curators of the Natural History Museum are world-renowned for their contributions to scholarly knowledge through their books and technical journal articles, and also through the lectures they give and students they supervise. Now, advances in information technology and our partnership with The University of Manchester will enable us to reach out to audiences beyond London and the UK. We hope these courses will advance awareness, curiosity, and learning about the natural world, as well as promoting responsible stewardship of our planet.”

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