mantonlectureProfessor Dianne Edwards, The President of the Linnean Society, travelled up from London on November 28th to present the inaugural Irene Manton Lecture. This annual Lecture was in honour of Professor Manton, who became the first women president of the Linnean Society in 1973 and received her PhD at the University of Manchester.

Professor Edwards gave a talk in the Faculty’s Michael Smith Building, entitled ‘In the footsteps of Manton: Spores and early land plant evolution.’ This was followed by a wine reception. Over 55 people attended the talk and the audience included members of the Linnean Society, University students and staff, and members of the general public. Some attendees even travelled from as far away as Ireland and Wales.  Amanda Bamford, Associate Dean for Social Responsibility, said:

“This evening was a resounding success. It was great to see so many members of the public at our event, along with so many students and staff. We are already in discussion with the Linnean Society about next year’s event!”

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