2016 marks the year that Manchester becomes the European City of Science (ECOS). It builds upon the city’s already rich heritage and promises to put Manchester at the centre of science in the UK and Europe.

aerialviewFrom the discovery of the atom and the creation of the first stored-programme computer to cutting edge biotechnology and cancer research, Manchester has been at the forefront of science. 2016 celebrates our prestigious past and is a launching pad to the future where Manchester is surely going to play a central part of the next scientific revolution.

The European City of Science (ECOS) designation is awarded to the place which will be hosting the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). The forum has delegates from all over the world including people who have great influence in their spheres from business leaders and policy makers, to cutting edge scientists. The conference aims to discuss current events and to propose a vision for the future of European science. Manchester, being the home for the conference whose motto this year is ‘Science as Revolution’, will be best placed to lead Europe into a new era in science.

Manchester follows in the footsteps of Barcelona, Munich and Stockholm by holding ECOS and being the hub for scientific activity in Europe. Registration for the conference is now open.

The aim is also to inspire young people, engage with the local community in Greater Manchester and to provide a platform for exciting science engagement and involvement. Science can often be seen as inaccessible by many, but Manchester aims to remove barriers by offering a range of inspiring and interactive events as part of the ‘Science in the City Festival’ which will run alongside ESOF. This festival will run from 23rd – 29th July and will be an opportunity for everyone to see and maybe take part in the incredible science from the University of Manchester.

On this landmark year, Amanda Bamford, the ECOS lead for the FLS says:

“This is a unique opportunity for our scientists to not only engage with their peers from across the globe but also showcase their science to the world’s media and to engage with our citizens across Manchester. It will be a year of fabulous and exciting science!”

Have a look out for some amazing science events that are happening across the city in the coming year. Go to the Manchester: City of Science website to keep on top of the events.

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