This week we are speaking to the employability intern Adam about his role here in the Faculty. You can follow their twitter account @employabilityLS


Briefly explain your role here in the Faculty.

My role in the Faculty involves making sure that all of our students graduate with the skills they need to go into their first job.  The majority of my work is running events where I have to coordinate closely with the University careers service and outside organisations. The events vary from our big meet the professionals event through to the regular CV surgery workshops, which take place every week.

How does this benefit the students?

We aim to make our students aware of the different career paths that are available to them, this is especially true for events like ‘meet the professionals’. This event gives students the chance to meet our alumni and to find out more about the career paths that the alumni have taken.

How did you first become interested in Life Sciences and your role here in the Faculty?

From a really young age I was really into scuba diving, being under the sea, I couldn’t help but be absolutely fascinated by everything that was going on and all the life you could see. My love of life sciences grew from there and I was always the annoying kid at school that would ask questions of the teacher. Through my zoology degree here, in Manchester, my confidence and my knowledge of life sciences really grew.

I became interested in the employability role because during my degree I did a placement year in New Zealand. Although I really enjoyed my year and the research that I did, I found that research really wasn’t for me. Despite deciding not to continue with research, I really enjoyed working within the University environment, so I started looking for roles that weren’t specifically research based and I stumbled upon my current position. I felt that this job looked like something that I could do and something that I would really enjoy doing.

Did you have any science heroes? Who inspired you?

I wouldn’t say that I have any particular heroes, but I think a lot of zoologists grew up watching a lot of David Attenborough. Shows like Blue Planet and the Discovery Channel really got my interest in life sciences going from a young age.

How has studying and working in Manchester helped you?

My course was especially good at preparing me for coming into the workplace, my placement year gave me some work experience that made sure I had   skills that I needed to go into a job. I worked for a year  in London and when I came back to Manchester, it seemed like a much friendlier atmosphere and the student life in Fallowfield really helped me get the most out of my degree.

What do you do outside of work?

I’m a big cricketer and play a lot of the time. Through the winter I play a lot of 5 a side football and other sports but the problem is that I generally think I’m like Cristiano Ronaldo and go on to injure myself!


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