Episode 15 features our very first undergraduate student. Raj is about to graduate from the Faculty of Life Sciences after a 4 year course, but just before she goes, we thought it’d be good to have a quick chat to find out what studying here has meant to her.

RAJ TFWhat is your role in the Faculty?

I’m a student in the faculty of life sciences and I study biology with science and society. I also did a placement year in a pharmaceutical marketing agency. That really helped me to broaden my skills and reinforced everything I did in University.

What kind of research interests you?

The kind of research that interests me is looking at how science impacts on society and how it is portrayed. For instance, my final year project looks at the corporate responses to climate change and how companies are responding to the increasing scientific consensus that climate change is happening.

What are your plans for after graduation?

So after gradation I’m doing an internship in China. I received a scholarship from the British Council to work in an international health clinic over there. The scholarship I’m on is Generation UK. I will be working by myself which will be a challenge but something I’m really looking forward to. I don’t speak any Chinese but I’m hoping that this internship will help me learn a new culture and give me a better appreciate of global issues. It will also help by allowing me to continue my interest in science communication.

Do you have any science heroes? Who inspired you?

I got into science because my mother suffered from MS. That interested me as a young girl. It interested me into looking at how the body works and how the world works. From them on, I’ve just had a real interest in Science.

How has studying in Manchester helped you?

Studying in Manchester has helped because there are just so many opportunities here. Everyone in the faculty has really helped me. I really love the city as well. In terms of studying, the faculty has really helped me reach where I am today. It offers such flexible courses. So I actually started out in first year studying biomedical sciences before I switched to a course that interested me more (Biology with Science and Society) and this has benefited me massively.

What do you like to do outside of studying?

Outside of work I like to eat out in restaurants. Manchester is great for places to eat – especially if you’re a foodie like me! I also enjoy reading books and all about science in action.

Thanks again for doing this Raj! We wish you the best of luck for your upcoming exam results and hope you can make a real difference in China this summer! 

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