Today is the start of the annual Cheltenham Science Festival. It runs for 5 days and features prominent researchers talking about topics ranging from dinosaurs to immune cells. The University of Manchester is well represented – whether it’s Phil Manning talking about Dinosaur Hunters or Brian Cox talking about all things science, Manchester plays a central role in this year’s festival.

Renowned Faculty Professor and best-selling author, Dan Davis, will be talking about compatibility genes. Dan, who has literally wrote the book on ‘The Compatibility Gene’ will explain the history behind the discovery of the genes and how his research here in Manchester is continuing the story. It is something that should not be missed!

A full listing of all the Manchester talks:

Phil Manning: Dinosaur Hunters & Dinosaur Wars

Tim O’Brien: Searching for Alien Intelligence 

Brian Cox: Brian Cox, Alice Roberts and Adam Rutherford 

Dan Davis: The Compatibility Gene 

Graphene: Material of the Modern Age

science festival

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