It was International Women’s Day yesterday, and we hope you all saw our inspiring quotes for females across the Faculty. nataliegardinerToday, Dr Natalie Gardiner, our Women in Life Sciences lead, tells us a little bit about the people who put this project together. We also hear from a few more women working in the Faculty.

I worked initially with Moyin Kwok and Sarah Ingham to develop events for International Women’s Day, aimed at engaging with FLS undergraduates. So we were pleased to be joined by a team of enthusiastic undergraduates, Lara Clauss, Christina Mott, and Khatsha Ali  who all took leading roles in the projects and events.  I’d like to thank them all; Nick Pettican who designed the posters and of course everyone who gave up their time to join in these events, particularly Nancy Rothwell, Sheena Cruickshank, Kathryn Else, the Worm Wagoners, Helen Ryder, and Manchester Debating Union.  I hope we can continue to run annual events.

The University of Manchester should be really proud of its cultural diversity and of course, its achievements in Life Sciences – do I need any more reason to participate in such an exciting project?

Moyin Kwok | International Recruitment and Marketing Manager

I am a firm believer that institutions have both a social responsibility and a key part to play in reducing gender inequality, boosting the representation of women in academia and working to remove obstacles to their participation in public life. I see the events we are organising for International Women’s Day as being a small part of that overall process which the University of Manchester is striving to attain and am proud to play my part.

Sarah Ingham, Faculty Development Manager

I’m really keen for undergraduates to recognise the role of Women in Science, so that in future we may be better represented

Laura Clauss

The idea behind the Women In Science photo series was to challenge the perception of what most people instantly think of when they hear the word ‘scientist’. It was more than just highlighting that there are increasing numbers of women in the STEM workforce. It was about capturing the ‘individual’ within the white lab coat

Christina Mott, who worked with Shi Yu (Arthur), Cecil Barnett-Neefs, and Chen Xin En (Felicia) to create the portfolio of photos taken with some of our Faculty’s life scientists

I think its important for women in science to inspire and celebrate each other, the events organised in honour of international women’s week promotes this at a wider scale

Khatsha Ali

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