Photographs focusing on University research are being showcased as part of Manchester Science Festival. The photos are entries for this year’s Image of Research Competition, with subjects ranging from wishing trees, to living chrysalises, to the ravages of extreme weather. This year’s theme is ‘The Big Picture’ and all of the entries demonstrate how University research is making a real difference in the world.

Members of the public are invited to help decide which pictures most capture the imagination, raise curiosity, and get you thinking differently about research. You can vote for favourite until November 4.

crossingcontinentsFaculty researcher Dr Joanne Pennock has been shortlisted in the competition. Her image features a British boy looking through a microscope, standing in front of another photo of a young Ugandan boy. Dr Pennock explained:

“The Ugandan boy in the background is eligible for a global World Health Organisation program, which has a target to treat 750 million children for intestinal worm infection by 2020. The boy in the foreground is British. He is not part of the global treatment campaign, yet he is learning about the worm eggs that infect children in Uganda and the effect they have on health.”

The Images of Research Competition is a regular part of the annual Manchester Science Festival. Now in its seventh year, the festival’s family friendly programme also features the University’s Science Spectacular on Saturday November 2. This free event takes place at Whitworth Hall and Manchester Museum between 11am and 4pm, giving visitors the chance to learn about research, meet scientists, and try out simple experiments.

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