pinkfloydLive sets from New Order, Jonny Marr, and the Australian Pink Floyd were the main attraction at Live from Jodrell Bank in early July. During the day, though, visitors could also attend activities in the Science Arena, soak up the sun or enjoy the shade of the Lovell Telescope, and learn about the different areas of research being undertaken at the University.

The Manchester Immunology Group’s ‘Worm Wagon’ was at the festival for the second year running. Armed with specimens of a variety of gut dwelling parasitic worms, large sheets of paper, and trays of coloured chalk, they encouraged festival goers to learn about parasites through the creation of a giant worm mural.

Visitors created worm illustrations based on specimens, images, or simply on the emotions that the idea of wormmuralparasitic worms conjured up. Some superb parasites were created, including a wonderful ‘Wimble Worm’ to celebrate Andy Murray’s participation in the Wimbledon final on the same day. Professor Kathryn Else was pleased with the Worm Wagon’s contribution to a great weekend:

“Fun was certainly had, but more importantly the festival gave us an opportunity to inform people about the impact that parasitic infections have on public health across the globe.”

cellcookiesAnna Salter, Annette Allan, and Liz Granger ran a stand where they creatively explained the different parts of cells using biscuits and sweets. Images of cells taken as part of their own research were shown to visitors, who used them as a guide when decorating their biscuits. Over 300 visitors of all ages made their own cell cookie. Liz Granger commented on the activity:

“It was a really fun day, and a great opportunity to discuss our research with people who might not normally engage with science.”

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