The Manchester Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Research on Ageing micra(MICRA) is celebrating its 1000th member following the announcement of two new co-directors. Professors Cay Kielty and Dean Jackson, both from the Faculty, have joined the existing leadership team of James Nazroo, Chris Phillipson, Alistair Burns, and Neil Pendleton to support the continued growth and development of MICRA across the University and beyond. Until recently, Cay was Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty and she now leads on cross faculty working. She holds a chair in medical biochemistry with a focus on regenerative medicine. Dean is a cell biologist, the Head of Section for Cellular Systems, and a member of the FLS Senior Management team.

MICRA has a diverse membership built up over three years as a network promoting interdisciplinary research on all aspects of ageing. Membership is open to anyone interested in this field and has attracted academics, students, voluntary sector providers, staff from the NHS, the private sector, and the government, as well as many older people. Most members have attended MICRA events, including the monthly public seminars in which academics from different disciplines present alongside practitioners on key ageing issues. Seminars are now regularly attracting audiences of around 100, looking at topics such as ‘Ageing, Dementia, Creativity and Storytelling’ and ‘Population Ageing and the Future of Cities.’ 115 attended last month’s public lecture by Dr Aubrey de Grey. You can join MICRA by following the link at the bottom of their homepage.

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