Sheffield based artist Paul Evans is about to unveil the results of a breedsmlcollaboration with Dr Sheena Cruickshank, Prof Kathryn Else and Prof Matthew Cobb, from the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester. In consultation with the scientists he has created a series of large (1.5m x 0.5m) drawings, in graphite, of human parasites. These will be exhibited has part of a special exhibition at Manchester Museum during science week: 27th October until 4th November.

“By drawing these parasites on a human scale – or at least on the scale of human children – I hope to create a visceral contrast between the strange beauty of these organisms and the horrific nature of their impact upon human beings. This beauty is especially apparent when seen from a safe distance through the medium of the electron microscope.

Though there might be allusions, perhaps, to the imagery of science fiction and Hollywood body horror in these drawings, the actual experience of coming to terms with these organisms is significantly more challenging. When I visited the Department of Life Sciences at Manchester University I was shown a video of a whipworm infestation in a young girl’s intestines. This image will live with me forever.”

Further information on this project can be seen on the Manchester Immunology Group website and at the project blog:

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